7 Common Toilet Problems | Plumbing Repairs San Antonio

7 Common Toilet Problems | Plumbing Repairs San Antonio

When you own a home, it’s unlikely that you’ll never have to face a toilet plumbing problem in San Antonio. Some of the issues are a lot more common than others, and a professional plumber can quickly fix most of them. It’s important for all homeowners to understand which toilet problems they can potentially face in their home so that if they spot any warning signs, they can call in an expert plumbing technician promptly for a repair.san antonio plumber

When a problem occurs with a toilet in your property, it’s imperative that you get in touch with your local plumber as soon as possible. Repairs should always be left to the professionals as they’ll be able to get the problem fixed correctly the first time around.

Below are some of the most common plumbing issues that a San Antonio homeowner can face in their property:

A Weak Flush

When your toilet’s flush is not very powerful, there are two common causes to why it’s not performing to its full potential. The first reason is that there could a be a clog downstream from your toilet. The second reason is that the chain in your toilet’s tank that controls the flapper cap and the handle might be too long.

Strong Yet Abruptly Finishing Flush

When your toilet has a powerful flush but it suddenly stops before it’s completed its job, you have a clear sign that the flapper cap is waterlogged. If the flapper gets logged with water, it drops too fast and causes the flush to stop quickly.san antonio Toilet Repair

Constant Running Toilet

When a toilet is running for an extended amount of time, the noise can become aggravating and annoying. If it is continually running, it may be caused by mineral deposits or by the chain being pulled too short.

Strange Gurgling Noises

If every time you flush your toilet, the tub, sink or shower makes a gurgling sound, the vent pipe of your toilet is most likely clogged.

Toilet Overflow

When your toilet is overflowing, the cause can be a broad range of different reasons. When this problem occurs, it can become one of the messiest plumbing issues that your property can face. In most cases, it’s a sign that there’s a blockage in your home’s waste pipe.

Dripping Toilet

If you ever notice water leaking from the toilet tank, don’t worry just yet. One of the causes for this type of leak can simply be the weather. When the temperatures are high and humid, the toilet tank can sweat. However, it could also come down to a crack or the seal having been incorrectly installed.toilet tank repair san antonio

Before you call in a skilled local plumber, you should check which reason is the cause. You can do this by dropping some food coloring into the water and leaving it for a while. Come back in around thirty minutes, and if the colored water is showing in the toilet tank, it’s time to call your plumber.

Tank Repetitively Filling

When you flush your toilet, you should be able to hear the tank filling up. What you don’t want to hear is the tank filling up, then dripping, then filling again. When a homeowner has recently had a new valve installed, they can experience this problem. This type of toilet issue is known as a siphon problem due to the water getting siphoned from the tank. for any San Antonio Toilet Repair issues please contact Chambliss Plumbing.

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