Common Gas Water Heater Problems

Common Gas Water Heater Problems

We often find that water heaters cause problems whether they are gas or electric, but let’s just look at the gas water heater problems that you can get for the moment. There are various problems that gas heaters can bring, but there are also simple solutions to these problems. You can easily fix the problem yourself, but if you are not sure, then the best bet is to call a professional to have a look. With the high capacity tankless hot water heaters, it is recommended that you get a professional involved if you are experiencing gas water heater problems.chambliss plumbing water heater installation - repair - service More information here @

Starting with the anatomy of a gas water heater you will notice that it has a venting system much like a chimney. There is a flue and the water heater actually releases gas exhaust. Most builders will advise you to make sure there is a good vertical rise with as many 90 degree angles in it as the manufacturer and your local building code will permit.

The main problems that people have with a gas water heater include it not heating the water properly. The reasons for this could lead you to look at the thermostat which could be set too low, or that you need to get a higher capacity heater for your needs. The other problems could be due to a build-up of sediment or lime inside the tank. These solutions will also need to be looked at if your water is taking too long to reheat again as well.

If your pressure relief valve is leaking, you might have to turn the thermostat down so that it is not too hot. You might also need to install a pressure reducing valve in the supply line if you find that the valve is still in good condition, otherwise, the actual valve may need to be replaced.

Another of the gas water heater problems includes finding condensation on the tank. This might be due to a lack of ventilation or due to some cold air getting into the tank somehow. You may have to get a larger tank to fix this problem. A major problem comes if the tank is leaking. You first have to determine whether it is a leak or whether the tank just has condensation on it, and then you have to figure out whether it is the pipes or the valves. If the actual tank is leaking, you have to replace it.

Another problem that many people complain about is the noise of the heater. Most noises are normal and many can be attributed to something small like a build-up of limescale which causes little air pockets. You might find that there is also sediment in the tank. If you have low water pressure then sometimes the noise can be due to what is known as spot boiling. If you hear a sizzling noise, this can be caused by condensation dripping onto the burner.

These are just some of the main gas water heater problems and how to fix them effectively, or what to look for when you need to replace your water heater. Make sure you find the best gas water heater options for replacement. Click on this link for more information @

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