Does Water Softener Salt Remove Ice or Not?

Does Water Softener Salt Remove Ice or Not?

Many parts of the country end up under a layer of sleet and ice during the winter months, making most driveway and walkway surfaces extremely slippery and unsafe. While road salt is most commonly used to break down the ice deposits, a lot of hardware and other supply stores run out of road salt towards the middle and end of winter. As a result, a lot of people ask, “Does water softener salt remove ice as well or not?”water softener service - repair - installation

Water Softener Salt Can Remove Ice

Many people are pleasantly surprised to find that the answer to “Does water softener salt remove ice or not?” is a resounding ‘yes.’ All forms of salt are normally extremely effective when it comes to removing ice from walkway and driveway surfaces. The next time you find that you have run out of road salt and need to de-ice your home’s walkway, you can make use of water softener salt instead. The only catch is that you may find that the water softener salt is usually sold at far higher prices than traditional road salt – however, most salt is the same – regardless of whether it has been labeled as road salt or water softener salt.

Always Use Salt with Caution

After getting an answer to, “Does water softener salt remove ice?” it is important for property owners to realize that salt is extremely acidic. It is essential to ensure that it is used with caution on cement/concrete driveway and walkway surfaces, as it can cause the surface to erode and fall into holes if it has not been finished properly at the time of being laid or constructed. This can also occur on brickwork or even regular porous paving bricks, so if you are unsure of how well your walkways or driveway areas have been constructed, it is recommended that you test a small area with the salt before using it all over. More on this website

If you want to know “Does water softener salt remove ice?” – The answer is yes. However, as with any other form of DIY or handy hints and tips, you will need to exercise caution until you know how well all of these surfaces have been constructed and finished off. The only type of salt you may not want to use on your pathways is Himalayan Pink Salt, as this will be an extremely expensive de-icing method!

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