Stainless Steel Floor Grating by Auswave Products

Stainless Steel Floor Grating by Auswave Products

An architectural answer to grated flooring surfaces!

Floor grating is not a new product, however, in an area dominated by industrial-looking choices, stainless steel floor grating is a breath of fresh air.floor grating
In some applications, floor grating is a better option than flat surfaces, for example, walkways raised platforms, and industrial facilities. While not strictly a drainage product, floor grating has properties of drainage, meaning that water passes freely through it. Combined with its advantages of being lightweight and low maintenance, floor grates have become a stalwart in the aforementioned environments.

Architectural Stainless Steel Floor Grating

Given that it is almost synonymous with industry, the aesthetics of floor grating has rarely been a consideration, but rather key attributes being strength and durability. Traditionally, floor grating (including bar grating and expanded metal mesh) has been manufactured from mild steel or FRP (Fiber-reinforced polymer). Stainless steel grating possesses all of the strength and durability of these mediums, along with a visual appeal that these products do not have. For this cause, stainless steel floor grating crosses the boundary from being a purely functional and industrial production to one that is also architectural in nature. More information about Auswave here

The Advantages Of Heel Guard Stainless Steel Grating

Beyond being strong, durable, low maintenance, AND aesthetically pleasing, One of the other advantages of our floor grating is that it is safe for heels, or as the industry calls it, “heel guard.

To be classified as “heel guard”, the grate’s openings must be narrow enough to prevent toe entrapment. Unlike other varieties of floor grating that do not satisfy heel guard requirements, our floor grating is ideal for public spaces, such as nature walk, piers, observation platforms, and so forth, all with the option of a slip-resistant finish for public safety.stainless steel floor grtes

Beyond these qualities, our floor grating embodies all the characteristics of its source material, stainless steel, specifically 304 or 316 grades – corrosion resistance, strength and durability, luster, chemical, and temperature resistance.

Why choose Auswave Products floor grating?

At Auswave Products we are committed to delivering the best for our clients. Our grating is made in Australia and custom fabricated with care to meet your project needs.

If you are on the lookout for an architectural answer to floor grating, contact our experienced team to benefit from our wealth of experience in the drainage and architectural niche.

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